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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

long time..

since i've blogged, i have no school all week and its great!! i went to the river over the weekend and then i came home sunday nite thinking i had to work but someone was covering for me which sux cause i ouldve still been at the river XP

River was super fun went riding in the trails in the dessert on our razor buggie thing. and me my friend kalaya, my bro, and his girlfriend all went kayaking and got totally lost in all the toleaf trails (idk how to spell hahah) but it was super fun, and then going jacuzzing a great end to our adventurous day!

On thanksgiving im going to my families house which will be good cause it feels like i havent seen them in a long time, even though we all live pretty close :\ i think since ive been working it takes up alot of my free time.  Then friday im off to the dessert with more famiy and were gonna go ride quads, camp, and have campfires!

Hope everyne has a great safe week! enjoy thanksgiving and family hopefully :) xoxo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



crash by breexo featuring a black fedora

SNOW day trip!!

Me and my Young & Reckless Bestie getting some pie & ice cream!!
                                      Wild Turkey running up the hill
                                        Cute cabin place we got hot chocolate at!