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Thursday, December 29, 2011

crackle pop


I cannot wait until 2012! i feel like this is the 1st year i am really looking forward to the new year. Theres alot of changes tha will occur with my life this upcoming year! like i will be turning 18, graduating, going to cosmotology school!, and sooo much more. 

health & excersise goals:
im setting some personal goals for myself to hopefully accomplish, and im trying to make them actually possible for me (so i dont just say i want to and not follow through)
1st as most people always want to eat healthier and excersise: i want to try to not eat as much proccess foods (junk food ... yumm :/ ) and drink lots of water throughout the day ( im so bad at this i barely drink 1 glass a day, i love juicee)  and of course excercise.. me and my bff kalaya have been going on hikes once or twice a week and i would love to continue and add in a little more jogging and some other things such as yoga & a little weights.

fashion goals:
i want to try to put together a different outfit as much as possible almost everyday except lazy stay at home dayz and take tons of pics for lookbook :) i would like to dye my hair more blond and add some pastel color to it . but my hair is naurally a unique color that i also love which is strawberry blond. but sometimes i wish it was just blond so i can just dye away at it. and i wish my work would let me dye it pastel colors :(
anyways i have just recently discovered a girl on youtube with the username brittkneegirl1 and i lovee her style and videos if u haven't heard of her i definetely recomend you do so , she has an AMAZINGG style !! :D

let me know in a comment below what your number one goal is for 2012?