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Thursday, December 29, 2011

crackle pop


I cannot wait until 2012! i feel like this is the 1st year i am really looking forward to the new year. Theres alot of changes tha will occur with my life this upcoming year! like i will be turning 18, graduating, going to cosmotology school!, and sooo much more. 

health & excersise goals:
im setting some personal goals for myself to hopefully accomplish, and im trying to make them actually possible for me (so i dont just say i want to and not follow through)
1st as most people always want to eat healthier and excersise: i want to try to not eat as much proccess foods (junk food ... yumm :/ ) and drink lots of water throughout the day ( im so bad at this i barely drink 1 glass a day, i love juicee)  and of course excercise.. me and my bff kalaya have been going on hikes once or twice a week and i would love to continue and add in a little more jogging and some other things such as yoga & a little weights.

fashion goals:
i want to try to put together a different outfit as much as possible almost everyday except lazy stay at home dayz and take tons of pics for lookbook :) i would like to dye my hair more blond and add some pastel color to it . but my hair is naurally a unique color that i also love which is strawberry blond. but sometimes i wish it was just blond so i can just dye away at it. and i wish my work would let me dye it pastel colors :(
anyways i have just recently discovered a girl on youtube with the username brittkneegirl1 and i lovee her style and videos if u haven't heard of her i definetely recomend you do so , she has an AMAZINGG style !! :D

let me know in a comment below what your number one goal is for 2012?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

long time..

since i've blogged, i have no school all week and its great!! i went to the river over the weekend and then i came home sunday nite thinking i had to work but someone was covering for me which sux cause i ouldve still been at the river XP

River was super fun went riding in the trails in the dessert on our razor buggie thing. and me my friend kalaya, my bro, and his girlfriend all went kayaking and got totally lost in all the toleaf trails (idk how to spell hahah) but it was super fun, and then going jacuzzing a great end to our adventurous day!

On thanksgiving im going to my families house which will be good cause it feels like i havent seen them in a long time, even though we all live pretty close :\ i think since ive been working it takes up alot of my free time.  Then friday im off to the dessert with more famiy and were gonna go ride quads, camp, and have campfires!

Hope everyne has a great safe week! enjoy thanksgiving and family hopefully :) xoxo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



crash by breexo featuring a black fedora

SNOW day trip!!

Me and my Young & Reckless Bestie getting some pie & ice cream!!
                                      Wild Turkey running up the hill
                                        Cute cabin place we got hot chocolate at!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Halloween is coming up and im trying to think of costume ideas.
my Y&R bestie is going to be Kreashawn

And i dunno what i want to be. i wanna be a mix of a skeleton and some really cutsie girl haha.


do u guys have any other creative costume ideas? please comment below to help me decide :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my photography.
took this picture with my film camera of my cousins and some random flowers i picked.  i love the colors and the look of the film.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

cartel- faster ride song of the evening

nails done tonite with my mom, bro, and his lady freind :P
Can't wait tomarrows friday! gonna hang with the girls.

me and my Y&R bestie have decided to dye a strand of our hair bleahc blond and i think its gonna look super cute & i've never dyed my hair or done anything crazy to it, not that dying one strand is like going crazy or anything XP just everyone always likes my hair color and it has natural blond high lites in it already!

Hope you have an awsome night!
 xoxo breanna

Friday, September 30, 2011

This weekend

im soo exited for this weekend! tonight i'm working with my friend kendra. and then tomarrow i'm going to the NEVER SHOUT NEVER & a rocket to the moon concert with my young & reckless bestie Kalaya!and this sunday i think were gonna be having a barbaque for my birthday last friday so i'm pretty excited!

comment below what your plans for this weekend is :)
have an amazing weekend

xoxo breanna

she's the girl nextdoor

Sunday, September 25, 2011

i wish i had this!

if anyone knows where u could buy a vest or anything like this please comment below, or if u know of any tutorials on how to make one :)
Vest (clipped to polyvore.com)

Reality Escapes Her...

Reality Escapes Her...
beautiful picture! this is the type of photos i want to take
Reality Escapes Her... (clipped to polyvore.com)

embrace messy hair

i wish everyone realized i like my hair messy. when my brothers like ur hairs messy, i'm always like thanks. as if i didnt realize :P

i had a fantastic AMAZING Weekend! friday was my birthday ( see below 1st post about bday if u want) then saurday i worked from 8-3. then my friends came over a around 5. we took tons of pics and ate sum yummy ribs & cake! haha not together but they were both delicious! then we went in the jacuzzi and made smores. Later we even slept in a tent in my backyard! I had such a great time, i have the best friends ever <3

then today i went to my step great grandma's funeral. which was very casual and nice. it was great to see family & friends that i havent talked to in a long time :)

hope you all had a great weekend!

comment below what your favorite game to play with your friends are :D

Friday, September 23, 2011



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starry eyed

i have butterflies in my stomach

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