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Sunday, September 25, 2011

embrace messy hair

i wish everyone realized i like my hair messy. when my brothers like ur hairs messy, i'm always like thanks. as if i didnt realize :P

i had a fantastic AMAZING Weekend! friday was my birthday ( see below 1st post about bday if u want) then saurday i worked from 8-3. then my friends came over a around 5. we took tons of pics and ate sum yummy ribs & cake! haha not together but they were both delicious! then we went in the jacuzzi and made smores. Later we even slept in a tent in my backyard! I had such a great time, i have the best friends ever <3

then today i went to my step great grandma's funeral. which was very casual and nice. it was great to see family & friends that i havent talked to in a long time :)

hope you all had a great weekend!

comment below what your favorite game to play with your friends are :D

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