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Friday, September 23, 2011

My Barfday!!

so.. todays my birthday (aka barfday)! just kidding cause i had a pretty amazing day! today at school my friends brought me tons of cookies & muffins and balloons that i had to carry around all day Xp. and tonite me and my mom went and saw the blue man group which was a pretty awsome show!

anyways this is my 1st post & my first blog and i've been waiting so long to make one. and i decided that todays the perfect day aha. so im gonna post some sets that i've made on the polyvore website that i love. the sets kinda show the style that i really adore and so i hope u like! and hopefully tomarrow i'll post pics from today!

hope u enjoy and check back for outfits of the day from lookbook! :D

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